The Pursuit of Excellence

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It Takes a Team

Take a sport, any sport, and it quickly becomes apparent that success is often rooted in the pursuit of excellence. For individual sports, hours and hours of dedication are aligned with a relentless drive for continuous improvement. For team sports, drive and dedication is only one piece of the puzzle. The combined success of the team requires a unique and diverse mix of talent. There are the headliners, the glitzy players who might rely on a moment of inspiration and typically take the spotlight. Then there are the grafters, the backbone of the team who keep things ticking. I like to think of them as the orchestrators. For every Ronaldo, there is a Roy Keane pulling the strings.

The InsurTech Path

For insurance, it is no different. For close to ten years, InsurTechs have been making the bulk of the headlines. Innovative technology, aligned with a revamped customer experience, has opened the floodgates to a new type of insurance experience, one that is founded in customer centricity. For InsurTech, the pursuit of excellence comes in the form of a relentless drive to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Design thinking, customer journey mapping, are all techniques leveraged consistently across the InsurTech ecosystem to drive innovative thinking.

When you start to peek a little closer under the hood, however, you will notice that for every glitzy UI, there is an awful lot of work going on behind the scenes to deliver that frictionless and seamless customer journey. Big data and AI are often only part of an intricate puzzle that aligns an agile approach with a delicate mix of people and technology.

The Incumbent Path

For the incumbents out there, the challenge is a little different. The excitement of innovation is often mitigated by layers of technical debt and an antiquated process landscape that needs to be meticulously navigated. I have been there. A COBOL field change buried under a process that hasn’t been touched for 40 years can have significant repercussions. It adds additional time to just about everything. It doesn’t mean that the pursuit of excellence needs to be abandoned. It does, however, require a slightly different approach.

Methodologies that drive incremental improvement by reducing waste, aligned with strategic partnerships that bring tangible impact and value, are key ingredients towards maintaining momentum on the march to excellence. From a methodology point of view, techniques derived from collaborative methods like Lean Six Sigma can have an immediate impact on legacy processes by removing waste and reducing variation. Leaning a process as a precursor to more technology-driven initiatives like Robot Process Automation (RPA) is absolutely key.

Partnering Effectively

Finding the right type of strategic partner isn’t easy. For every glitzy bit of headlining tech (chatbots?), there needs to be a trusted partner that is equal to your pursuit of excellence. What are they bringing to the table that not only delivers immediate impact and value to your operations, but in the long run continues to move you toward the ultimate goal of operations and customer excellence?

The Care Bridge Path

At Care Bridge International, we are on our own mission to help drive excellence across the insurance ecosystem.

Our API-driven stack of analytic powered products makes it quick and easy to integrate with our medical forecasting reserve products. This not only streamlines and makes integration more affordable overall, but it will also help you to settle claims faster, facilitate accurate claims handling, and help drive down friction across the claims value chain.

Let us help you connect and drive your own journey towards claims excellence. Strategic partnering can help arm you with the intelligence and tools that your teams are looking for today. Connect with us to see how we can help.

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