Why Organizations Are Increasingly Investing In Data Sharing

Organizations invest significantly in collecting, maintaining, and documenting data. Good data governance practice translates to good data quality and ensures ethical and legal standards are observed. For these and other reasons, data has historically been siloed within institutions. But a shift is underway, with organizations increasingly pursuing data sharing for the benefits pooling data can offer. Namely, much more robust datasets, with greater diversity of outcomes than any one organization might capture, large enough to permit analysis from high powered analytical tools.

One such data sharing model, of which Care Bridge International is proud to be a member, is the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C), a community of academics, NIH staff, and industry partners working together to share and analyze nationwide patient-level data for COVID-19 patients. The N3C cohort model enables collaboration among healthcare practitioners, researchers, and data professionals. A diverse group of stakeholders have a role in this cohort, including researchers and executives navigating governance and policy restrictions to sharing data, engineers to put disparate sources of data in the same format, and data professionals to analyze the data. This is all to, as NIH wrote in a recent press release, “transform clinical information into knowledge urgently needed to study COVID-19, including health risk factors that indicate better or worse outcomes of the disease, and identify potentially effective treatments.” Absent N3C, data professionals might only have access to patient data from their institution, if at all. But N3C makes pooled data available, in a sufficient size to uncover treatment patterns that generalize, and, hopefully, identify treatments that can reduce the severity of the disease.

Care Bridge International’s data repository includes tens of millions of medical transactions, a volume larger than all but those of the very largest carriers. As we are believers in the benefits of data sharing, we offer our clients who contribute data, access to our contributory PHI / HIPAA compliant Analytic-Powered Claims Database©. Our dataset can offer valuable insights to questions such as what care typically follows a rare diagnosis or procedure, what frequency recurring services are on, and how many refills you might expect for a given medication. This data informs the recommendations of our nurses and automated care forecasts and has successfully been used as a check on overly aggressive expert opinion, resulting in massive savings for our clients. We believe you will likewise derive high value accessing our data, and that your data will similarly enrich our contributory database.

Dimitri Linde, Chief Data Scientist

Care Bridge International calculates medical exposure for bodily injury claims for medical reserves, medical valuation for litigation, and Medicare Secondary Payer, simply and rapidly, using machine learning technology with clinical compassion and concierge service to deliver unprecedented claim outcomes. Easy. Fast. Save 70% or more on Claims!

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