The Intelligent Automation Series: The Path to Agility

What does agility mean to you and your organization? The pandemic has put the spotlight on many teams and their ability to innovate and launch products at speed. There are many components that together define how quickly a company can react and how those components interact is a key driver for success. When trying times such as these arise internal inefficiencies become magnified, legacy processes and workflows are suddenly under the microscope and the demand for digital solutions and products that fit an immediate market need is greater than ever.

How Agile is Your Organization?

The ability to react quickly to an external event or sudden market need can easily be defined by an organization's own internal agility.

The reasons that hold back some companies are as follows:

Shareholders and investor obligations can sometimes limit a company's ability to move quickly in the face of adversity, despite millions of dollars in funding.

Internal culture that does not foster innovation and customer focused thinking is an ongoing threat to a company's agility. Teams that are not accustomed to working within an agile environment, are typically slower to react and products are often delayed or completely miss the point altogether.

Legacy systems, processes and extensive technology debt adds to the complexities around integration. The added fragmentation and friction as a result impedes a company's ability to think proactively.

Where experimentation, rapid innovation and agile thinking form part of a company's culture, the potential to create becomes a key driver for the success of future endeavors. Friction gives way to a more seamless and creative way of thinking and doing business.

Product Development

At Care Bridge International we were able to launch our COVID- 19 Calculator, a FREE tool that provides big data analysis of the actual costs of medical treatment for claims involving COVID-19 for Workers Compensation, Group Health, General Liability and Medicare, in 14 days - from concept to launch. A timely response to an urgent industry need.

We have since expanded our COVID-19 offerings to incorporate state specific fee schedules for states adopting policy to presumptively accept COVID-19 as a work-related incident. We have advanced our capabilities to forecast medical exposure for COVID-19 related claims that require more long-term treatment and monitoring with insights into acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and other conditions, via dashboard analytics.

We are here to serve our clients and offer real value in a time of crisis and we are uniquely positioned to deliver because:

Being a self-funded, privately held entity from day one enables us to act, innovate and launch products at speed without shareholder / investor obligations or influence, which may be misaligned with customer needs.

Our Internal culture, from top to bottom, means we take pride in embracing and encouraging innovative thinking across the entire team.

By placing our customer at the center of everything that we do, our solutions are designed to address ongoing and future industry and customer needs using Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping.

We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your agile journey!

Care Bridge International calculates medical exposure for bodily injury claim reserves, medical damages for litigation, and Medicare Set Asides, simply and rapidly, using machine learning technology, delivering unprecedented claim outcomes.