It's the Journey, Not the Destination

This past weekend I took this photo overlooking the Missouri River in Ponca State Park. Over two hundred years ago, Capt. Meriwether Lewis and Lieut. William Clark traveled this same stretch of river on their journey across the United States, from August 31, 1803, to September 25th, 1806, on a U.S. military expedition, to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest.

It was very much a journey fraught with risk. One that, for Lewis & Clark, (to coin Idina Menzel by way of Frozen—thanks kids), was very much into the unknown. This was a trip that was all about the journey, without perhaps knowing the slightest bit, if anything at all, about the destination.

Reflecting back on this past year, and even this past week, we have all been on an incredibly perilous journey together. Departing a year that has already been filled with uncertainty, we are hurtling into another one that is already dominated by fear, anxiety and anger. Emotions, that when given the circumstances, are quite natural. When looked at through the lens of the insurance industry, emotions that also resemble those often felt during the insured customer journey and in particular, the claims experience.

Lewis & Clark - The Guiding Light

Accompanying Lewis & Clark on their journey was Sacagawea—a Shoshone Indian woman who arrived with her husband Toussaint Charbonneau, who was hired as a translator, on the expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea would play a critical role on the expedition, helping communicate with tribes along the way.

"Her translations ensured supplies and a commitment from the Shoshones." She was their guiding light. Illuminating and stepping in along the way when and where needed.

The Insurance Journey - Guiding Light

So what does all of this have to do with insurance? When I think about the role of insurance in our everyday lives, there is a similar need for ongoing guidance and reassurance. As we continue on this journey through life, getting accurate information and guidance at the right place and time is what helps us on our way.

We may not have Sacagawea guiding us on our journey, but we do have an industry, an entire community of passionate insurance professionals who are eager to help—our very own guiding light.

The Challenges

So how do we make the journey as comfortable and dare I say it, enjoyable, as possible? There are numerous challenges currently blocking our way.

Data: Despite best intentions, lack of good, relevant and clean data, creates noise and friction across the insurance value chain. In the end, the impact isn't really felt until the most critical point on the journey—the claim.

Service: The sheer volume of claims puts an enormous strain on an industry already struggling with service related issues and a negative public perception. Coming from outside of the industry, it has always caused me enormous frustration to see so many kind-hearted and passionate professionals let down because the technology and solutions in place are lacking. Delivering products and solutions that bring efficiency gains when and where needed are key. Augmenting existing teams with intelligent, technology driven tools that help them do their job more effectively is a must.

Friction: Lack of clarity around existing processes and data impacts the customer experience. As an industry that is often painted as one lacking in compassion and empathy, it is heart-breaking to see time and time again cases unfold that could have been proactively handled early on with good, insightful data.

The Misalignment Problem

I have talked a lot in the past about how clean, relevant data and a customer-centric process hierarchy can transform the customer experience.

So much of the claim experience is damaged because of:

a) what the insured thinks they are insured for

b) what they are insured for

c) what they should be insured for.

The noise and friction stemming as a result of this misalignment, again typically comes to a head during the claim experience.

The Future

As we think about the future and our journey ahead, how can we as an industry do a better job guiding those around us? When I think about solutions that I want to bring to the market and the factors they ought to embody, there is a consistent message—deliver transparency and efficiency with empathy and compassion.

At Care Bridge International, we have a similar philosophy to deliver products and solutions that exemplify and help deliver the following:

#Frictionless - Less #claimsfriction

✔ Better #customerservice

✔ Augment people with #innovative tech, not replace

✔ Improve service delivery, outcomes, cost savings

✔ Enhancement of the #claimsprocess and #claimjourney

✔ Greater #visibility into claims

#claimsinsight & HOW to manage the claim

✔ Driving continuous #processimprovement within a claims environment

✔ Customer-centric design & thinking #designthinking

✔ Identify the opportunities - focus on the #claimoutcome

Our most recent product release—ClaimMAP—was built with all of this in mind. A precision-based tool that identifies opportunities for improvement in claim outcomes and cost savings in minutes, identifying specific, targeted actions that a claim adjuster performs to gain pro-active, immediate results for claims.

Where are you on your journey and how can we help guide you along the way?

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