How Front-line Claim Handlers Get Immediate BIG Wins in Claims

We recently wrote a blog entitled The Elephant in Your Claims Department in which we discuss current challenges in insurance Claims, including the aging workforce and talent gap, inadequate medical reserve setting, inadequate compliance with the Federal Medicare Secondary Payer statute, the dire need for technology solutions that enhance remote work and productivity for claim adjusters and the accelerated adoption of technologies that improve customer experience and claim processes in response to consumer demands.

As an agile, customer-centric organization, we lean-in to understand your needs. Through customer journey mapping and the use of our proprietary Bridge-IT platform, Care Bridge offers ClaimMAP, Claim Management Action Plan, a precision-based tool that identifies opportunities for improvement in claim outcomes and cost savings in minutes, identifying specific, targeted actions that can be taken immediately by a claim handler to gain pro-active, immediate results for claims.

Without the convenience of in-office conversations and collaboration, ClaimMAP meets the demand of the stressed and distracted remote worker struggling to balance work and home life by removing the guesswork and time commitment to identify claim opportunities. ClaimMAP pairs high-tech machine learning claim analytics with high touch advanced clinical practitioners who forecast medical treatment and costs for your claim settlements, medical reserves and/ or Medicare Set Asides for immediate BIG wins in claim management. We do the heavy lifting for you!

Our ClaimMAP identifies brand to generic prescription drug conversion opportunities, the tool identifies the probability of a surgical and other procedures in the life of a claim to raise awareness about medical necessity and appropriateness of care. In addition, where objective medical findings conflict with subjective complaints, an analysis is provided and every opportunity to ask a medical provider the important questions is identified, developed, and provided for immediate communication with authorized providers to expedite getting to the heart of the pattern of care that is most beneficial from a quality and cost perspective. The benefit of our solutions delivers immediate claim savings for open claims, preparing them for successful settlement outcomes. You will settle claims 6-8 months faster!

In response to today’s trends, the talent gap has been and will continue to be a challenge. Leveraging technology to attract and retain talent is critical for sustainability of a remote workforce. A reliance on advanced analytics/ AI and performance metrics will continue to accelerate as customers expect more from the insurance market.

As a trusted partner with credible, advanced clinical practitioners who use machine learning technology, based on an actuary-endorsed model of over 16 million claims, it is no wonder we are recognized as an Innovation Award Leader by industry risk managers and one of the fastest growing InsurTech companies delivering results for claims.

We save our clients 70% or more on claims. Our Medicare Set Asides are approved by Medicare at less than half the industry average. We are the only company with immediate access to Medicare Advantage Plan Eligibility. Our concierge service is second to none. We represent the future of claims management in a world that does not eliminate claim handlers, but instead maximizes their capabilities to perform the important work of human connection with claimants to mitigate litigation and promote better outcomes and a better customer experience than ever before.

We Start with Why to use your small data to solve your biggest claim challenges. Our Founder was not only a clinician and insurance executive, but a vendor manager for a fortune 500 company. Her award-winning strategies for claim management, return to work outcomes and technology innovation along with the outstanding team of experts at Care Bridge International are your winning team!

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