Giving Back through Mentorship and Customer Service

One of my favorite times of year is mentoring with the Global Insurance Accelerator program, based in Des Moines, Iowa. For those of you who are not familiar with the GIA, it is a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation across the insurance industry by supporting InsurTech startups targeting the global insurance industry. This is my fourth year being part of the mentorship program and this has been yet another year of incredible talent. My focus this time around has been helping folks with their GIA pitch practice - the six-minute window where you get to share your vision to the world and an opportunity to bring people along with you on that journey. It is a delicate balancing act between connecting with the audience and hitting the right emotional note, whilst delivering relevant and impactful content that tells your story, within a very short period.

My background across the digital space has been quite broad. From banking to healthcare, sport to publishing, the common denominator has always been to design and create solutions that solve a particular problem, with an emphasis on the customer. The art of solving the right problem often comes from developing a deeper understanding of what is the gap in the existing customer experience that a digital solution could help solve? It struck me today with the three pitches that I watched, that every single one of them addressed this very need. The solutions and pitches were perfectly poised to answer their own unique call to action from the insurance industry at large. It made me very thankful to be part of this terrific group.

So, what does all of this have to do with giving back?

Care Bridge International

When I joined Care Bridge International in early 2020, the world was amid a global pandemic. I remember being inspired at the time by what I saw as a small, but mighty, team of insurance and customer service professionals who were laser-focused around using their own wealth of knowledge and experience across the industry to create innovative insurance solutions that would help drive a more transparent, compassionate, and informative claims experience. It was more than that, however. The opportunity to help transform an archaic, fragmented and friction heavy portion of the claims journey was only part of the equation. The rest was driven by an overarching goal of meeting the immediate needs of the industry during unprecedented times. Early conversations were not only focused on core business needs and future product design, but also how we as a team, through our proprietary BridgeIT platform, could leverage our own people, process, technology, and data to help bring an intelligent and actionable lens to the pandemic crisis.

The COVID-19 Calculator

One of our very early successes as a team in 2020 was the creation and roll out of the COVID-19 Calculator - an app that from inception to launch was delivered in under 14 days. Our rapid launch to market provided a tool that would deliver a free, easy, and rapid analysis of the average COVID-19 medical costs related to COVID-19 related symptoms. For people and companies trying to get a greater level of transparency and deeper understanding around what those symptoms translate to in real terms, the calculator created an accurate forecast of ongoing care and costs.

The calculator remains to be the only tool of its kind in the community and one that we continue to provide for free.

This was a perfect example of giving back to the community. In a similar way, I am constantly amazed by the incredible support that exists within the Accelerator community. As I happen to be part of a few different Accelerators around the world, I feel very fortunate to be part of the evolution of the future of insurance.

The Sum is Greater Than the Parts

This is an industry that continues to see ongoing change. Technology, innovation, digital transformation, the rhetoric around change is constant, but the sum is always greater than the parts. As we continue to strive on and bring our own flavor of innovation and digital solutions to the marketplace, it is key that we continue to support each other along the way. Compassion and collaboration are key to see the continued evolution and growth of customer-focused products, services, and solutions.

I am incredibly excited to see our own journey, at Care Bridge International, continue to unfold as the insurance industry is disrupted. Please reach out to me personally if you would like to join us on our mission to transform the claims journey.

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