Care Bridge and Human Connection During COVID

For most individuals and businesses, 2020 has been downright insufferable. The dramatic changes we have experienced and adaptations we have made because of the COVID-19 pandemic, both personal and in the workplace, have radically tested our human resilience. Human connection and support are more important than ever before.

In response to WHO’s announcement March 11, that we were facing a global pandemic, Care Bridge International responded quickly, using agile technology, to release a FREE COVID-19 calculator offering immediate insight into the urgent need to understand medical costs of COVID-19 claims. Our calculator was used by numerous organizations including Federal and State governments and agencies, insurance companies and employers. As a public service, our speed and agility in offering this service is something that we are very proud of.

As a high tech, high touch company, the human element, the real connection that only human relationships satisfy, are just as important as the speed and accuracy of our reports. We offer medical forecasts for claims in 24 hours or less, for medical reserves, complex claim litigation, and Medicare Secondary Payer, saving our clients 70% or more on claims and CMS approval on MSAs at less than half the industry average. Our results are unprecedented and that could be the beginning and end of our conversation, but it it isn't. We believe the power of human connection, empathy and service are just as important as the power data that drives our results.

We want to understand more about your struggles and challenges in claims and have a conversation about leveraging tools and resources that will enhance and improve your life today, enabling you to achieve big wins right now! Wins that save you enough time and money to balance excellence in job performance and the ability to meet the demands of a home life and family that are now transparent on zoom calls. Tools that help you get the job done and meet the needs of your family are a win: win for everybody.

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October 6th through October 14th

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Together we can survive and thrive in 2020 and beyond!

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