Excited About Our New Legacy Claims Express Program!

The team at Care Bridge International is excited to announce the launch of our newest product: The Legacy Claims Express Program!

Using advanced technology, combined with a team of experts, this program offers a cost-saving solution for batch clearing of legacy claims in record time. Using artificial intelligence, rapid and measurable results lead to a settlement time six months faster than the industry average. Not only is the program able to work collaboratively with all parties to the settlement, but Care Bridge also offers an experienced team that includes structured settlement brokers and fiduciaries that deliver an average savings of 71% per claim settlement.

Program Highlights

  • Use of comprehensive predictive models and data analytics to deliver medical forecasts for MSAs and medical reserves in minutes!

  • Reduced litigation expenses and long-term financial security for people involved in personal injury claims through our settlement consulting services.

  • Go above and beyond the basic Medicare compliance duties to include personal contact with all parties and the provision of comprehensive cost containment services.

“Our experience shows that we are able to eliminate complexity and delays in the settlement process,“ states, Deborah Watkins, Founder & Chief Disruption Officer, “while bringing tangible cost savings, risk management and speed of closure to the settlement process for legacy and loss portfolio transfer claims. We want to prove our difference to you!”

The time for legacy claims to keep piling up is over. Our advanced InsurTech solution will clear the backlog and create higher efficiency. From claims processing/management all the way through settlement and continued post-settlement account administration, this program will maximize risk protection and minimize overall costs while providing the best possible care for the claimant. For more information, and to download the program brochure, visit https://www.carebridgeinc.com/legacy-claims-express-from-cbi

For More Information Contact:

Michael Riccio

Customer Experience Manager

Toll-Free: 888-434-9326 Ext. 103

Email: Michael@carebridgeinc.com

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