2017 Year in Review

By Deborah Watkins, CEO, Founder and Jim Paugh, SVP, Co-Founder

As a women majority-owned business, we take pride in our selection of high quality people and partnerships whom have created an impressive culture of collaboration, innovation and integrity.

We began our year with the slogan, “Ready, Set, Grow” and a mad-hatter themed event, fitting of a company stretching its goals with agile technology development and rounds of pilot and testing programs with prospects and clients.

Looking back, we were ready to launch our innovative products and we did! We were set, but also experienced setbacks. Armed with perseverance and belief in ourselves and with the support of clients and friends, we were not deterred or intimidated, we overcame our challenges.

And, we grew! Having implemented the full scope of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and medical reserve tools in an integrated data analytics platform, companies planning for the future of insurance are seeking our innovative solutions.

And, we saved our clients $2.6 million dollars in both truer MSA settlements and claims leakage with more efficient use of human capital!

Among other accomplishments in 2017:
  • Released one of the first comprehensive survey results about Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance in the Property & Casualty industry, conducted in 2016.

  • Named One of Six Innovators to Watch by Insurance Thought Leadership.

  • Received actuarial endorsement for our medical forecasting methodology.

  • Launched TheBridge Webcast and Blog for insurance executives, and invited prominent guest speakers to discuss a range of topics including, MSP Compliance Survey Results, Conditional Payments, CMS Submission of MSAs, CMS NGHP Section 111 Reporting, Opioids and Weaning, Data Driven Decision Making, Analytic-Powered Medicare Set Asides, Claim Settlements, and more!

  • Achieved name-brand recognition in the Property & Casualty industry

What we learned in 2017:
  • Our clients love us AND the time and money they save using our services

  • Our platform attracts millennial talent solving a human resource crisis in the insurance industry

  • Some claims professionals fear our product will eliminate jobs, but now realize we offer a valuable tool that helps them improve their job performance!

  • Would- be imitators announcing technology platforms for Medicare Secondary Payer are un- identifiable as InsureTech companies since their technology claims are false.

  • Insurance leaders who are not engaging with technology will not survive. Leaders who fail to understand the power of data and the value of InsureTech to reduce operating costs and improve claims outcomes and who choose to remain unaware of future trends will soon be too far behind to secure their market shares.

Where we are going in 2018?

As we reflect on this past year’s accomplishments, we look forward to building upon our successes of 2017 by maintaining our continuous process improvement model to meet the needs of our clients, delivering practical information and tools that enable our clients to take control of their business decisions, delivering white papers offering data analysis on medical costs, including benchmarking, and oh yes, more growth!

We have assembled an impressive Advisory Board of some of the greatest insurance leaders of our generation, who believe in our mission, vision and solutions to improve the claims vertical.

Our theme for 2018 is “Inspiration, Innovation and Integrity”. Our experienced team has successfully launched the future of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and Medical Reserve forecasting. We challenge you to be disruptive with us, to take that next step to drive sustainability and transparency in your business, with people you can trust.

Cheers to 2018! Hang on, here we GROW AGAIN!

Start Now with Care Bridge International to Join the Data Analytics Movement!

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