Our Medicare Secondary Payer Program Vs. Theirs

Care Bridge MSP vs. Competition

I read a few articles in the summer of 2018, written by a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Vendor, about how you, the client, can help the vendor, in eight (8) steps, to complete a MSA in preparation for settlement. The article was written by a reputable person, someone I like personally, but the article could have been written by any MSA vendor because the message was the same as any other vendor. The article began by setting the expectation that a MSA will add time and cost to the settlement process, and as a client, you just need to accept that. In addition, you, the client must follow eight (8) steps or requirements in order to help your vendor produce a MSA for your claim, as follows.

1) Gather the medical records (documentation) to your vendor (with an exhaustive list of items needed)

2) Transfer (maybe or maybe not HIPAA compliant) to the MSA vendor

3) Read the completed MSA report

4) Act on the vendor recommendations

5) Consult with the Vendor’s Attorney about your MSA

6) Respond to the vendor’s various and frequent emails and phone calls

7) Rely on your MSA vendor to be your settlement gatekeeper, to call the shots on your settlement

8) Monitor the Vendor’s Key Performance Indicators (a suggested by the vendor did not address any actual risk management measures)

In addition to the eight (8) MSA steps, there is also the Medicare Secondary Payer requirement to Report all Medicare Beneficiaries to CMS (via MMSEA Section 111 Reporting) and the MSP requirement to resolve any Conditional Payments at the time of settlement. Its an exhausting and slow process to satisfy Medicare Compliance and settle your claim. Or is it? Does it have to be this slow and cumbersome? Do you need to cater this much to your vendor to get a result?

At Care Bridge International, we don’t think so. We have proven that MSAs do not have to delay or preclude settlements and in fact, it is possible to generate a MSA and settle your claim the same day! Our clients settle claims 6-8 months faster. Our MSP Compliance Bridge program offers enterprise risk protection using data integration or SaaS technology generating MSAs in minutes instead of weeks. Leveraging Big Data and AI, no medical records are needed. Your claim is 100% HIPAA/ PHI Protected. Reliable. Valid. Measurable. MSP Compliance Bridge is Compliance. Simplified.

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