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for Risk Reduction and Claims Management

We deliver medical forecasts in minutes with dashboard analytics transparency. Our fast, accurate Medical Forecasts and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance services are the most advanced in the industry

Our Team


Deborah Watkins

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Founder & Chief Disruption Officer

Deborah is an experienced clinician and insurance executive having spent her career in the leadership and management of complex medical claims, integrating technology and evidenced-based clinical processes. In 2010, she led a team who won the Oracle Titan Award and Gartner 1:1 Award for Technology Implementation. Deborah is a thought leader and subject matter expert on issues pertaining to Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Secondary Payer, Care Coordination and Life Care Planning. 

Deborah has a Master of Science in Nursing and a MBA/MPH (EMHL) from Brown University. 


Christopher Frankland

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Chief Innovation Officer

Deeply immersed in the world of InsurTech and intelligent automation, Chris focuses on innovative solutions that leverage people, process, technology and data to redefine and elevate the customer experience across the Health and Insurance domain.


Customer and Digital Experience obsessed, Chris is an expert on the implementation of insurance solutions that incorporate chatbots, robotic process automation, blockchain and cognitive technology. Chris is a regular mentor with the Global Insurance Accelerator program, Hartford InsurTech Hub and OnRamp, as well as a frequent speaker at industry events. 


Chris holds a computer science and history degree from Brunel University London and is Six Sigma Certified.

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Collaborative, professional team with over 90 years of combined Clinical experience, 60 years of executive leadership, and 80 years of technology innovation

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Minimal Office

David Deitz, MD, PhD

Dr. Deitz participates in the quality review of clinical data modeling , providing Medical Director oversight and strategic direction for clinical operations. ​

Peter Offringa

Peter offers insights and direction for the company’s technology development and strategy,  improving software performance as well as the customer experience.

Richard Palczynski

Dick is involved in case reserve strategy and actuarial process of the company’s data modeling to ensure the highest quality and validity 

Our Value



Risk Protection

Cost Savings

1 Billion + database transactions removes subjectivity and delivers immediate results.

After a rigorous and in-depth examination, we are Actuary-endorsed for data, methods, and process.

Analytics dashboard for data-driven decision making to support claims and risk management.

Exceptional return on investment of time and redeployment of labor.

Our Approach

Data Warehouse

Big data intelligence - over 1 Billion medical claim transactions

Integrated Dashboard

Measure and Monitor Medical Costs

Tech Enabled

Rigorous data analyses and predictive models to forecast medical care

Care Bridge in the Community

Care Bridge International is proud to be
Green Business Practices

The insurance industry is one of the biggest users of paper. With all the forms involved through the entire claims process, a significant amount of paper is pushed around for what can be a very long time. Care Bridge International's AI is not only disrupting the paradigm in claims by using Big Data to provide more accurate and cost effective results, but we are also leading the charge in removing paper and waste. By providing an interactive user interface through our software, results are instant and reduce the overall effect of our industry on the environment. 

Care Bridge International supports Kids
Kids' Chance of Florida

Kids’ Chance is a 501(c)(3) organization that was created for the purpose of creating, assisting and supporting Kids’ Chance organizations throughout the United States and other similar programs that provide educational opportunities and scholarships for the children of workers seriously injured or killed on the job. We believe that by investing in our children’s future, we can provide them with the tools and opportunity to be successful in the workplace, so that they can make a difference in their own and other people’s lives.

Care Bridge International Proudly Suppor
Friends of the Haven

Established in 1954, The Haven began as a vision for an organization that would serve children with special needs throughout their lifetime. Our founders, a group of forward thinking parents, were desperate for services that would empower the potential of their children rather than placing limitations on their personal growth. Seeing that there were no services to support their children to grow as individuals, they decided to build an organization that would provide opportunities through every stage of life.