Analytic-Powered Outcomes® for 
Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance

Advanced AI technology to predict, analyze,

and integrate in a risk management platform

Compliance, Simplified.

MSP Compliance Bridge offers the full scope of

Medicare Secondary Payer services 

MMSEA Section 111 Reporting

Data is the future, data is now, and data-driven decision making separates the experts from the amateurs, the credible from the non-credible. Care Bridge International offers the only technology-based, data intelligence solution for Medicare Secondary Payer compliance.

Conditional Payment Resolution

It is important to leverage a data-driven approach to ensure that all steps in the process are adequately addressed to secure the most accurate conditional payment amount, avoid interest payments and repay Medicare in the mostly timely manner.  

Analytic-Powered MSAs

Analytic-Powered Medicare Set Asides generate a plan in minutes, based upon machine learning algorithms of over a billion medical claim transactions. This offers a defensible way to protect Medicare and manage risk at a more realistic cost.

Post-Settlement Account Administration 

As more payers move to voluntary non-submission of MSAs, the need to protect post settlement MSA funds and Medicare beneficiary benefit denials, post settlement account administration and support is the only recognized means of risk protection.

MSP Compliance Dashboard

Fully-integrated AI benchmarking that incorporates Mandatory Section 111 Reporting, Conditional Payments, and Medicare Set Asides for:

  • Risk Management

  • Risk Stratification

  • Underwriting

  • Analytical Decision-Making Tool

Care Bridge International is a proud member of NAMSAP