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Why You Need a Partner Using BIG Data to Forecast Medical Care for Litigated Claims Now!

Life care planners assess the medical needs of people who have typically incurred a catastrophic injury or suffer from a chronic health condition. They write detailed plans that include granular forecasts of future medical care and the costs of those procedures. Cost estimates, as we will see in the following example, can vary widely. Care Bridge International integrates clinical expertise with insights from our massive claims database, providing a differentiated approach to formulating medical damages or life care plans. A recent plan completed at Care Bridge International illustrates the power of experience and data. The service retained by the plaintiff, a young individual with an above t

Care Bridge and Human Connection During COVID

For most individuals and businesses, 2020 has been downright insufferable. The dramatic changes we have experienced and adaptations we have made because of the COVID-19 pandemic, both personal and in the workplace, have radically tested our human resilience. Human connection and support are more important than ever before. In response to WHO’s announcement March 11, that we were facing a global pandemic, Care Bridge International responded quickly, using agile technology, to release a FREE COVID-19 calculator offering immediate insight into the urgent need to understand medical costs of COVID-19 claims. Our calculator was used by numerous organizations including Federal and State govern

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