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Why Organizations Are Increasingly Investing In Data Sharing

Organizations invest significantly in collecting, maintaining, and documenting data. Good data governance practice translates to good data quality and ensures ethical and legal standards are observed. For these and other reasons, data has historically been siloed within institutions. But a shift is underway, with organizations increasingly pursuing data sharing for the benefits pooling data can offer. Namely, much more robust datasets, with greater diversity of outcomes than any one organization might capture, large enough to permit analysis from high powered analytical tools. One such data sharing model, of which Care Bridge International is proud to be a member, is the National COVID Cohor

Turning Zeros and Ones into Hearts - Where Technology Meets Compassion

We have all heard the mantra by now. If your team isn't embracing technology and eating innovation for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you are at risk of being left behind. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the importance of being proactive, getting ahead of the competition with your products and turning those ideas into practical, tangible solutions that customers see and touch. What Does Innovation Mean to You? These are all noble endeavors and undoubtedly ought to be part of your company strategy for 2021, but what does digital transformation really mean to you? When technology vendors and startups are pushing the latest and greatest stack of cloud technology with a laundry l

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