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Excited About Our New Legacy Claims Express Program!

The team at Care Bridge International is excited to announce the launch of our newest product: The Legacy Claims Express Program! Using advanced technology, combined with a team of experts, this program offers a cost-saving solution for batch clearing of legacy claims in record time. Using artificial intelligence, rapid and measurable results lead to a settlement time six months faster than the industry average. Not only is the program able to work collaboratively with all parties to the settlement, but Care Bridge also offers an experienced team that includes structured settlement brokers and fiduciaries that deliver an average savings of 71% per claim settlement. Program Highlights Use of

Insurance Claims Ripe for Innovation

The Workers Compensation industry has relied too long on outdated practices and manual processes, responsible for the inefficiency in claims management and outcomes. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the emergence of partnerships among insurers with InsurTechs’ enables insurers to quickly advance digitization, improve risk management and increase customer satisfaction. After all, isn’t this the reason we are in this business? To insure bodily injury losses for injured workers and restore functional capacity and return to work through successful claims and medical management? In recent years, the Workers Compensation industry has been criticized by


Section 202 of the SMART Act requires CMS to annually update its TPOC threshold for workers’ compensation, no fault, and liability cases. For the past two years, it has remained at $750 and CMS recently announced that it will maintain this amount through 2019. This means that if the settlement amount is $750 or below, the claim does not have to be reported per Section 111 and CMS will not insist on reimbursement of conditional payments. Additionally, CMS will host a webinar on 12/18/18 to discuss enhancements to the Medicare Secondary Payment Recovery Portal (MSPRP). Feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we will continue to keep you updated on new events!

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