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New Medicare Cards are Here!

CMS Issues New Medicare Cards April 2018 to April 2019 The new Medicare cards will assign a unique Medicare number, instead of a beneficiary’s social security number, for more protection. Here are a few important points beneficiaries need to know now: Upon receipt of the New Medicare card, destroy the old one, and start using the new one immediately. Only share your Medicare card with doctors, hospitals, outpatient centers, pharmacies, insurers or people assisting with matters pertaining to Medicare, on behalf of the beneficiary. Keep your Medicare Advantage Plan Card! If you participate in a Medicare Advantage Plan, your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is the primary card to use for paymen

CMS is Monitoring Proper Spending of Funds Set Aside to Protect Medicare, Post Settlement

Two changes have occurred regarding MSAs for non-group health plans, including general liability, auto no-fault and worker’s compensation. These changes act in tandem and call into question the ability of a claimant to self-administer his or her MSA. From the beginning, the Achilles heel of the MSA program has been the inability of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to monitor post settlement spending from the MSA accounts. Initially, the annual attestation statements were sent to Regional Offices (RO), staffed by CMS employees. However, the RO’s had no mechanism to properly review these statements to determine if the funds were spent appropriately or if they were filed

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