Medical Reserves & Forecasting

Medical Valuation/ Forecasting Tools

Care Bridge International uses advanced technology and robust algorithms to predict, analyze, and forecast future medical exposure.

Medical Forecasting with big data from C
Medical Reserve Calculator

Rapid calculation of future medical costs including prescription drugs and estimated total medical reserve for:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Liability Claims
  • Chronic Disease Populations 
Medical Forecast

Medical cost-containment analysis of complex medical and legal considerations performed by our professional staff.  

  • Set reserves in cases where multiple factors drive exposure, and complex medical and/ or legal information needs to be considered, using appropriate jurisdictional rules, guidelines and pricing.

Prescription Drug Review from Care Bridg
Drug Utilization Review

As a quality assurance measure, a DUR provides evidence-based recommendations, prescriber feedback and further evaluations. Drug utilization review and/or Peer to Peer consult are effective when concerns arise about drug combos or excessive morphine equivalents being prescribed that exceed recommended standards.

Analytic Powered Medical Reserve

Produced in minutes, this analysis uses robust data algorithms based on:

  • Over 1 Billion Claims Transactions  
  • Evidence-based medical treatment guidelines
  • Pricing forecasts with zip code precision 
Life Care Plans

A detailed documentation of the comprehensive needs of an individual with an injury or chronic diagnosis and costs associated with those needs for litigation and expert testimony.

The plan developed is based on:

  • Machine learning of millions of catastrophic injuries  
  • Produced by certified, professional Life Care Planners
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Clinical Mitigation Analysis

A detailed and comprehensive analysis, on any open claims, of specific opportunities to reduce claim exposure that includes actionable tasks to be performed by the claims handler or contracted service provider(s) to improve claim outcomes.