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Care Bridge International is the ONLY actuary approved Medicare Secondary Payer and Medical Reserve provider in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry. 

Actuary Endorsement

After rigorous actuarial examination in 2017 and 2020, Care Bridge International is proud to receive actuarial endorsement for our data, methods & processes. 


Our Solutions

MSP Compliance Bridge

Frustrated With Medicare Secondary Payer?

Care Bridge International offers an integrated risk management approach that produces precise MSAs quickly, and at a lower cost. 

Legacy Claims

Express Program

Express service to close your portfolio of legacy claims.

Our advanced technology combines with our team of experts to help you create a cost-saving solution for closing legacy claims.

Medical Forecasting

Analytic-Powered Outcomes® that Support Future Medical Forecasting

Care Bridge International utilizes predictive modeling that produces objective, reliable, and consistent results to streamline and optimize claim decision making. 

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Care Bridge International offers cutting-edge, technology-based solutions for an industry that is rapidly changing. Access our experts' knowledge base to stay informed.