Legacy Claims Express

Our Analytic-Powered solutions offer a

streamlined approach to closing out your legacy claims

With our expert team and unmatched resources, Care Bridge International provides  an easy process to put your settlement of legacy claims on the fast track!  

Legacy Claims Express


We collaborate with your  structured settlement broker and post settlement account administration service provider quickly and efficiently to deliver the best outcomes and cost savings in the industry
Establish Medical Valuation & Resolve MSP

Using our Data Analytics, you will benefit from rapid, measurable results.

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Focused Settlement Strategy

Our program offers settlement time 6 months faster than the rest of the industry!

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Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities

Using our settlement packages, our clients have seen a 74% overall savings.

Program Highlights


  • Using our comprehensive predictive models and data analytics we deliver transparency in identifying what is driving claim costs. 

  • We provide options to mitigate risk and exposure that deliver high quality results.

  • Our personal and consultative approach paired with our transparent analytics dashboard, assist in executed a successful settlement strategy.

  • Our results deliver 74% savings or more over traditional settlement programs.

  • We participate in settlement discussions, meditations and arbitration to help you succeed.