One of the biggest challenges insurance companies will face in the coming months will be how to effectively handle the deluge of claims related to COVID-19. For a lot of organizations, this sudden uptick in claims activity will put an enormous strain on resources that are already at capacity. Fortunately, we live at a time where smart technology and intelligent data enables us to be proactive and tackle some of these challenges head on and at scale. Through the careful integration of People, Process, Technology and Data, Care Bridge International can augment the traditional claims team with innovative and intelligent tools that help reduce friction, increase productivity and create the opportunity for smarter decision making at scale. 

Analytic-Powered Covid-19 Calculator

Estimate Your Medical Costs for Free!

Care Bridge International's FREE, easy and rapid analysis of the average COVID-19 medical costs are based upon average fee schedule prices by insurance payer type. The Analytic-Powered COVID-19 data driven model assumes an average six-day inpatient hospital stay for severe cases,  and is powered by the Company's Analytic-Powered Claims Database©, current evidence based and researched clinical protocols, and updated as new information becomes available.