Care Bridge International and InsurCard MSA

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We listened. We heard you. We’ve got the solution.

WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that we’ve partnered with INSURCARD MSA Debit to bring you a TOTAL payment solution to comply with Medicare Secondary Payer regulations.

InsurCard is more than just a debit card; it’s a complete technology assisted guidance program for MSA Self-Administration! That means REAL TIME access to transactions and balances, a HIPAA Compliant Call Center, Tracking, Record-Keeping, and Reporting, Exhaustion Mitigation by low balance tracking and notifications, AND Discount Programs for Pharmacy, Hospitals, Doctors, and Medical Equipment.

With InsurCard you get an array of reporting support that includes emails, attestation reporting, and a detailed report of funds used during the year, so you’ll always know the status of your MSA.

InsurCard leads the way in providing legally compliant, on time, cost effective electronic claims payments for Workers’ Compensation.  InsurCard Payments guarantee data processing integrity, flexible funding arrangements, rigorous financial reconciliation, and outstanding customer service.

At Care Bridge International, we design all of our solutions with YOU in mind.  Our partnership with InsurCard gives us another way to serve your MSA needs!

We uniquely offer the MSAPro (a Professional MSA for CMS Submission, review, and approval) and an Analytic-Powered MSA that is based upon the machine learning of our company’s copyrighted, actuary endorsed, Analytic-Powered Claims Database©

Pairing the FREE/ No Cost InsurCard MSA Debit Card with a Care Bridge MSA Solution delivers complete risk protection for all parties to the settlement if you submit an MSA or not to CMS for review.

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