Are YOUR CLAIMS Ready for Your Summer Break?

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There’s no denying it.  Summer is in the air! 

The days and weeks ahead of family vacations, weekend getaways, or just enjoying a good book on a beach with the sound of lapping waves to keep you company are fast approaching. We have just one question before you go…ARE YOUR CLAIMS READY?

At Care Bridge International, we can UNPACK YOUR CLAIMS while you’re away AND do the heavy lifting, GIVING YOU A REAL VACATION.

Our Analytic Powered Outcomes are driven by People, Process, Technology, and Data to meet you wherever you are on the claims journey and get you up to speed with a full suite of integration services that will save you time and money.

In fact, upon receipt of your medical records, you can expect your MSA or Medical Forecast Report within 24 hours!

Your time is valuable, that’s why we’ve developed our tech-enabled solutions to not only save you 70% or MORE on claims but to also provide you with dashboard capabilities so that you can measure and monitor your claims in REAL TIME.

We know that working from home exposed the gaps in the claim industry, those cracks in the process that hampered the ability to be responsive, deliver good claim outcomes, decrease claim costs, and satisfy policyholders and injured persons. There were delays in care, litigation, responsiveness, and timeliness in performing tasks. Particularly, the important task of “claims management” has been affected. With fluctuations in the workplace, files were transferred from person to person and claims management became chaotic as claim handlers struggled to re-organize their workday, prioritize tasks, and become familiar with the relevant legal/medical aspects of each unique claim.

We learned that many claim handlers have limited claims experience and working from home decreased face-to-face access to experienced persons and supervisors, critical to promoting professional growth. There was disruption in performance management, supervisors without tools to measure claim performance or outcomes, working harder than ever to both manage remote workers and claim outcomes. An unsustainable environment that we discussed in our blog, The Elephant in Your Claims Department.

With 30% of our claim talent retiring, new workers to the claims environment have steep learning curves and less access to learn the required skills to properly manage a claim. Today’s workers are more mobile, and they do not expect to work 30 years for the same company and this has the effect of reducing the number of truly “seasoned” claim professionals.

People, Process and Technology can bridge the gaps!

People, Process and Technology is the winning formula for the Future of Work. More companies have been awakened to this value, particularly in claims management.

How do we bridge working from home with exemplary claims outcomes at Care Bridge International?

In a past article, we wrote about How Front Line Claim Professionals Get Immediate Big Wins in Claims through customer journey mapping and the use of our proprietary Bridge-IT platform. In that article we talked about our ClaimMAP, Claim Management Action Plan, a precision-based tool that identifies opportunities for improvement in claim outcomes and cost savings in minutes, identifying specific, targeted actions that can be taken immediately by a claim handler to gain pro-active, immediate results for claims.

We provide this service with our Medicare Set Aside and Medical Forecast services. Without the convenience of in-office conversations and collaboration, ClaimMAP meets the demand of the stressed and distracted remote worker struggling to balance work and home life by removing the guesswork and time commitment to identify claim opportunities. ClaimMAP pairs high-tech machine learning claim analytics with high touch advanced clinical practitioners who forecast medical treatment and costs for your claim settlements, medical reserves and/or Medicare Set Asides for immediate BIG wins in claim management.

We do the heavy lifting of medical claims management! Our dashboard analytics platform offers transparency for risk management!

AND if you have LEGACY CLAIMS you’d like to unpack before your vacation; WE’VE got that covered, too!

With our Legacy Claims Express Program, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive predictive models and data analytics that deliver medical forecasts for reserves and MSAs in minutes instead of weeks!
  • Reduced litigation expense and long-term financial security for people involved in personal injury claims through personalized settlement consulting services.
  • Service beyond the basic Medicare compliance duties, to include personal contact with all parties and the provision of comprehensive services.
  • Expert consulting, from large scale improvement programs to small, targeted projects that save money in the short term.

So, TAKE CONTROL of your claims BEFORE you head out on a well-deserved summer break.  We can get you caught up so you can return to the office refreshed, relaxed, and ready for work (WITHOUT) having any extra claims to contend with.

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