Artificial Intelligence/ Predictive Analytics to Forecast Medical Exposure for Claims 
Analytic-Powered Outcomes®

Care Bridge International hosts the largest independent

Property & Casualty Analytic-Powered Claims Database© in the industry.

The company is setting a new and automated standard in forecasting medical treatment and costs for claims using AI technology-based solutions with clinical touch for future medical valuations, medical reserve setting, Medicare Set-Asides and Care Coordination.

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What Our Clients Say

We saved an incredible amount of time and money thanks to Care Bridge International.

-Senior Claims Examiner

You did excellent. I was extremely impressed with the turnaround time. I told my entire staff about the process.

-Claims Manager

We had a months-long backlog of claims and were falling further behind. Thanks to Care Bridge's training and AI services, we were able to get caught up in just a couple of weeks and stay on top of the claims load since. The speed and accuracy helped us accomplish much more work in much less time.

-Senior Resolution Manager

We settled! Thanks in large part to you.

-Partner, Defense Attorney Firm

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Setting a New Standard to Predict Future Medical Costs