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Care Bridge International hosts the largest independent

Property & Casualty Analytic-Powered Claims Database© in the industry.

The company calculates medical exposure for bodily injury claim reserves, medical damages for litigation, and Medicare Set Asides, simply and rapidly, with human compassion and machine learning technology, delivering unprecedented claim outcomes.

Our Solutions

MSP Compliance Bridge

Compliance, Simplified. MSP Compliance Bridge offers the full scope of Medicare Secondary Payer services meeting the requirements of CMS

  • MMSEA Section 111 Reporting

  • Conditional Payment Resolution

  • Professional MSAs
  • Analytic-Powered MSAs
  • Post-Settlement Account Administration 

Legacy Claims

Express Program

Care Bridge expedites settlements for workers compensation, third party liability, mass tort and/or legacy claims

  • Medical Valuation

  • Medical Cost Mitigation

  • Structured Settlement Annuities
  • Consultative Support and Negotiation
  • Post-Settlement Account Administration 

Medical Forecasting

Medical Forecasts detail specific medical treatments with associated costs, using o appropriate fee schedules for claim settlements, open claim reserves, litigation and more

  • Medical Reserve or Cost Projection

  • Analytic-Powered MedReserve/ Forecast
  • Claim Mitigation Analysis
  • Life Care Plans for Litigation
  • Expert Testimony

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  • Checklists

  • Forms
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What Our Clients Say

We saved an incredible amount of time and money thanks to Care Bridge International.

- Senior Claims Examiner

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