We’ve Got the Tools to Get the Job Done.

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At Care Bridge International, WE are DRIVEN by PEOPLE, PROCESS, TECHNOLOGY, and DATA

Since 2015, we’ve put our data to the test and have refined our products and services by having a team in place that ACTUALLY KNOWS the depth and breadth of claim knowledge and HAS the experience to DELIVER from working with Fortune 500 carriers, giving you the best outcomes possible at a fraction of the cost.

Our AI meets you where you are on the digital journey with a full suite of data integration services tailored to get up to speed.

Our consultive, customer journey doesn’t end there, as we see each and every client as a partner in claim settlement.

WE GIVE YOU THE MEANS to identify opportunities for improvement with our ClaimMAP, a precision-based tool that targets actions YOU CAN TAKE IMMEDIATELY to gain a pro-active result for claims.

In fact, by using our ClaimMap you can SAVE 40% per medical file and 70% or MORE on claims at the time of settlement!

We provide this service with ALL of our Medicare Set Asides and Medical Forecast Services.

Sure, other companies can “say” they give you a return on investment, but WE ENSURE THAT YOU DO by giving you proven analytic powered tools to get the job done.

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