Analytic-Powered Medical Reserve

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YOU CAN BE fast and accurate!

Calculating medical reserves is an important part of the workers compensation claims process, but it has historically been inaccurate and time-consuming.

According to the American Society of Actuaries, in the past 4 decades, 100 insurance companies became insolvent mostly due to inaccurate reserve setting.

Historically, claims professionals have used home grown methodologies based on loss ratios and “stair-stepping,” increasing the medical reserve amount as medical bills are incurred on workers compensation claims.

In a world of dramatic workforce disruption, adjuster shortages, high turnover, knowledge gaps, and working from home distractions; our automated approach IS THE KEY to successful claims management.

By adopting a big-data, machine-learning solution to assess future medical costs, Care Bridge International can quickly produce accurate medical reserves that also include “red flags” for medical management for improved outcomes.

Our three-pronged approach to streamlining medical reserve setting, risk enterprise Medicare Compliance, and targeted medical management actions will help you settle claims 6-8 months faster with better outcomes and cost savings.

Our data analytics dashboard helps you measure and monitor reserves in real time to understand benchmarks and identify risks.

Claim teams are stretched in today’s claims’ environment, why not leverage technology to augment the claim process and make it easier for claim professionals to effortlessly forecast accurate medical reserves and improve medical outcomes?

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